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Floor mounting for anti-static flooring
Nov 28, 2018

First, the requirements for laying the site

1, the laying of flooring should be in the indoor civil and decoration after the completion of construction;

2, the ground should be flat, dry, no debris, no dust;

3, the floor can be used space, layout of the installation of cables, circuits, waterways, air and other pipelines and air conditioning systems should be installed before the construction of the floor;

4, large heavy equipment base fixed should be completed, the equipment installed on the base, the base height should be with the floor surface to complete a high degree of consistency;

5, the construction site is equipped with 220v/50hz power supply and water source.

Second, flooring installation and laying tools

1, Cloud stone cutting saw, pistol drill, hammer, hand grinder;

2, laser level tester, network laser scanner;

3, blister level meter, tape measure, ink lines;

4, plate absorber, nut adjustment wrench, cross screwdriver; 5, Vacuum cleaner, broom, mop;

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