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Key points of design of anti-static flooring
Nov 28, 2018

1, anti-static activities of the floor fire level, should meet the "building interior Decoration design Fire Code" requirements.

2, anti-static activity floor height should be determined according to the requirements of use.

(1) For wiring only: The basic size is 250mm. (2) for the wiring and air conditioning wind Bank: The basic size of 500mm.

The unloading plate of the floor can be interchangeable, and has a high precision to ensure that the floor space as the air conditioning wind library when the use of the required sealing. 3, anti-static room activity floor paving construction is the final stage of building decoration.

Should be in the indoor ceiling plate laying completed, the roof of the lamps, vents are also installed after the completion, clean the ground, paving the active floor (there is insulation cotton and wire groove to first spread insulation cotton and wire groove).

4, anti-static room activity floor laying in the leveling of the cement mortar cushion, in order to reduce the height of ground practice, directly spread on the structure of the floor, the structure of the floor requires surface leveling, and spraying interface agent, curing the concrete surface, so that the ground is not sand.

5, floor surface should be soft light, non-skid, wear-resistant, pollution-resistant. 6, the floor after installation must be grounding treatment, otherwise it will not play anti-static effect.

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