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Quality identification of anti-static flooring
Nov 28, 2018

Good anti-static flooring should be environmentally friendly in the production process of anti-static flooring substrates to use adhesives, and formaldehyde is one of the main components of adhesives, so anti-static flooring often contains formaldehyde, and formaldehyde is known as "invisible Killer." According to the national standard, the base material formaldehyde release to meet the E1 level standard, that is, formaldehyde release should be lower than 9mg/100g, lower than this standard substrate is harmless to the human body. When buying anti-static flooring, if you smell irritating smell, do not buy. Good anti-static floor to moisture-proof. Moisture-proof performance to be reflected by the water absorption thickness expansion rate of this indicator, the higher the value of the indicator, the worse the moisture-proof performance. and the moisture-proof performance of the floor in the spring rainy season in the humid environment, there is a high risk of expansion deformation and other problems. We remind consumers to buy flooring with a water-absorbing thickness expansion rate of less than 10% at the time of purchase.

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