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Scope of application of anti-static flooring
Nov 28, 2018

Sector industry:

Anti-static elevated flooring is mainly used in computer room, data processing center, laboratory, microwave Communication Station room, telephones switch room, mobile communication room, satellite earth station computer room, radio control room, TV transmitter control room, broadcast control chamber, monitoring room, central control room and so on.

Microelectronics Industry: Anti-static products in the microelectronics industrial production has a wide range of applications, used in electronic components, semiconductors, electronic products assembly and large-scale, VLSI clean workshop, to avoid the human body in the workshop movement generated static electricity.

Control electrostatic discharge on computer communication, all kinds of electronic equipment and electrostatic sensitive devices harm, to prevent computer memory and electronic equipment internal damage.

Other applications: Used for electrostatic sensitive arms, flammable and explosive places and petrochemical workshops and hospital operating theatres, anesthesia rooms, oxygen bar and other places with anti-static requirements.

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