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Selection method of anti-static flooring
Nov 28, 2018

1, first of all, the need for accurate computer room construction of the total area (or number of blocks) of anti-static flooring and a variety of accessories (standard bracket ratio 1:3.5, standard beam ratio 1:5.2), and leave the amount, so as not to cause waste or shortage.

2, fully understand the manufacturer's production of anti-static flooring varieties and quality, as well as a variety of technical performance indicators. The technical performance of anti-static flooring mainly refers to its mechanical properties and electrical properties.

The mechanical properties mainly consider its bearing capacity and wear resistance.

3, the weight of the heaviest equipment in all equipment in the engine room should be used as the benchmark to determine the load of anti-static flooring, which can prevent some equipment overload and cause permanent deformation or breakage of the floor. 4, anti-static flooring by the external environmental conditions of the impact of small changes. That is, will not be due to the external environment temperature is too high, too low there is obvious expansion, that is, in the machine room temperature is slightly higher, anti-static floor stretching expansion, can not be removed and replaced, low temperature anti-static floor shrinkage, resulting in a sense of loosening.

Anti-static flooring due to environmental impact shrinkage should be less than 0.5mm, plate surface deflection should be less than 0.25mm. 5, anti-static floor surface should not reflect, do not slip, corrosion resistance, dust, do not absorb dust, easy to clean.

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