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Types of anti-static flooring
Nov 28, 2018

1, anti-static tiles In the ceramic tile firing process to add anti-static function powder for physical modification, so the anti-static performance is very stable, resistance value between 106 to 109 ohms, and construction is convenient, ordinary muddy water workers can be paved.

Adding aluminum foil or copper foil under the floor can better enhance electrical conductivity.

2, PVC anti-static flooring

The use of sheet (generally 600x600mm) or coil direct paving, installation speed (but the need for professional installers will be installed, otherwise there will be arch foaming phenomenon), anti-static performance is more stable, but easy to aging, anti-fouling ability slightly nearly.

3, anti-static floor

A, anti-static effect is excellent lasting, not affected by time, temperature, humidity and so on;

b, the selection of solvent-free advanced epoxy resin plus high-quality curing agent made;

c, smooth surface, beautiful, moisture-proof, up to the mirror effect;

D, acid, alkali, salt, oil media corrosion, especially strong alkali resistance performance; E, wear resistance, pressure resistance, impact resistance, a certain degree of elasticity

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