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Ceramic Anti-static Raised Flooring
Dec 13, 2018

Ceramic anti-static raised flooring because of the smooth glazed surface of the tile, wear-resistant wall, deeply used by the computer room. The structure of the ceramic anti-static raised flooring is the upper 10mm ceramic tile, the middle is the all-steel steel plate, and the middle of the steel plate is filled with cement. This ceramic anti-static raised flooring is the same as the all-steel anti-static raised flooring, but the all-steel anti-static raised floor is the surface layer. For anti-static HPL veneer, it is easy to crack due to dry environment.

   The earliest entry of anti-static raised flooring is Shenfei, which is the product of Shenyang Aircraft Factory. Later, with the development of civilian enterprises, the price of anti-static raised flooring began to be more close to the people. Huiya anti-static raised flooring manufacturers are also one of the more professional manufacturers of anti-static raised flooring. The company has a scale of 60 million and the annual output value of the floor is 100 million yuan. . It is a floor manufacturer that is not used in the industry. Huiya's ceramic anti-static raised flooring color can be customized. The product is more intimate. Welcome customers to ask.

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