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Classification Of Flooring
Nov 28, 2018

There are many categories of flooring, according to the structure of the classification are: solid wood flooring, reinforced composite wood flooring, three layers of parquet, bamboo flooring, anti-corrosion flooring, cork flooring and the most popular multi-layer parquet, etc., by use: household flooring, commercial flooring, anti-static flooring, outdoor flooring, Stage Dance special floor, sports Pavilion in the special floor, track and field special flooring, etc. according to the environmental classification is: E1 grade flooring, E0 grade flooring, Jas star standard F4 star flooring and so on.

Some of the Chinese market specializes in promoting geothermal flooring, in fact, as long as the substrate stability, no cracking, no deformation, high environmental protection performance, can heat insulation, even pure solid wood flooring, floor heating can be used.

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