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Laying Lines For Overhead Flooring
Nov 28, 2018

The main purpose of laying the line under the overhead floor is to adapt to the frequent changes in the position of the line and the information socket, and to consider preventing the cable from damaging the mobile communication line, so the ideal wiring method under the overhead floor is to use a metal (or plastic) hose and install the box using the active modular information. In addition, in recent years, the domestic production and use of a foreign introduction of network flooring products. Network flooring in terms of its shape, can be roughly divided into real and virtual mainly two kinds: real products to special engineering materials, such as floor tiles type, the middle of the groove with a line, on the steel plate cover, to the virtual main products, can be seen as the deformation of the elevated moving floor, under the plastic or metal bracket support, Cover the floor above. At present, the floor has metal, engineering plastics and medium density board and other products made.

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