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Precautions And Tips For Buying Solid Wood Flooring
Nov 28, 2018

1, do not buy coloring flooring: Coloring flooring A large number of flooded the market, which is the reason why China's flooring industry is unhealthy, first we spell the price, no profit, and then work on the quality of the floor, first of all, they use a first-class grade plate to fill the excellent grade board, or take 1/3 of the top grade plate to add 2/3 of the first-level plate , white edges, scarring needs to be patched with putty and color, and in order for you to see that this is the patched board, they only coloring on the plate surface, do good in the groove and back also coloring, so you can not see this is the coloring board, and the color difference is also small, the plate is beautiful, but the color of the floor after the paving, a little later, because the surface is patched

, there will be cracking, blasting and other problems, and if you grind patches, due to the addition of color shedding, your floor, have you seen the Facebook of Peking Opera?

2, buy the floor should pay attention to the groove and thickness: These two points are also critical, as we all know, the floor standard thickness should be 18mm, But there are a lot of 17.5mm floors on the market, but I'm not saying it's bad. 0.5mm floor effect will be affected, the key is that 17.5mm floor is not enough thickness of the plate or bending plate restructuring, and the bending plate is mostly dry or stress problems are not resolved, such a floor is dangerous, its problems in the paving will be displayed, performance for the arch, corrugated and so on, And the groove length is another way for manufacturers to cut corners, because the floor area is calculated by the width and length of the plate, so the shorter the nozzle, the wider the plate surface will be, so that he invisibly reduced the cost, and he did so, causing damage is the consumer, the floor groove is short, it is easy to produce noise, The floor will squeak when it steps up. 

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