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Aluminum Raised Flooring

  • Aluminum Raised Floor Systems

    Aluminum raised floor systems is made of high-quality aluminum ingots, which are molded at one time, and the surface of the floor will be covered with anti-static veneers. The aluminum alloy...
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  • Aluminum Grill Raised Flooring

    A cleanroom is a special room wherein airborne contaminants, such as dust and other debris, are kept to a minimum. Plants that manufacture precision equipment work on processes at the nano level,...
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  • Aluminum Perforated Raised Flooring

    The aluminum alloy ventilation plate is completely cast by aluminum alloy under one-time pressure, which combines the corrosion resistance and high strength of the aluminum alloy. It has the...
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  • Aluminum Conductive Vinyl Raised Flooring

    Microelectronics, optoelectronic components factory, mobile phone, TV screen manufacturer, communication equipment, SMT workshop, arsenal, hospital operating room, laboratory OLED and other...
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  • Aluminum Airflow Raised Flooring

    Aluminum airflow raised flooring is made of high-quality aluminum ingot, molded at one time, with high-quality anti-static veneer. It is generally available in HPL and PVC. It is often used in...
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  • Aluminum Grate Raised Flooring

    The utility model belongs to the technical field of ventilation floors, and relates to a high-pressure cast aluminum ventilation floor. Background technique: The ventilated floor is similar to the...
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