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Office Raised Flooring

  • Steel Oa Office Raised Flooring

    Steel oa office raised Flooring is made of quality steel plate, which is stretched forming, point welded and plastic sprayed with bubble cement filler filled in its inner cavity. The...
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  • OA600 Office Raised Flooring

    OA600 office raised flooring has 32 reverse structural embossments on the bottom. This eliminates any flat areas which are weak spots in early designs.
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  • CZHUIYA Office Raised Access Flooring

    The CZHUIYA office raised access flooring is designed to facilitate service distribution changes demanded by today's high office churn rates. The panels are fabricated to exacting tolerances from...
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  • Oa Office Raised Flooring

    oa Office raised Flooring has evolved to be the solution for buildings needing to safely and securely incorporate electrical and mechanical services. There are raised flooring solutions for...
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  • Office Raised Floor Systems

    Specification: 500×500×28mm /600×600×30mm
    Manufacturing method: foamed cement filling, edging type
    Steel plate material: Baosteel cold-rolled steel plate, upper steel plate ST14,...
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  • Steel Bare Office Raised Flooring

    All steel composition, four-corner independent support frame structure, the bottom of the floor is made of ST14 tensile plate, the surface is made of SPCC hard steel, the surface of the floor is...
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  • Carpet Office Raised Flooring

    The connection between the upper panel and the lower floor of the floor adopts a rivet-type riveted structure, and the edges are free of burrs, which improves the edge strength of the panel...
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  • Trunking Bare Office Raised Flooring

    The product system is free from the height limitation of the traditional network floor, the minimum height is only 35mm, and is equipped with an advanced route management function system, which...
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  • Calcium Sulphate Office Raised Flooring

    Its base material is Calcium Sulfate; its surface employs HPL of PVC tiles; its under surface zinxing steel plates and its edges bonded with black conductive PVC. Its bottom employs superior...
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