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Raised Flooring Accessories

  • Raised Flooring Pedestal

    RAISED FLOORING PEDESTAL are made out of steel. Typically a two-part assembly consisting of a base and a head. The base is a flat plate welded to a square tube. The head has an all-thread rod...
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  • Raised Flooring Pedestal Bracing

    raised flooring pedestal bracing is an accessory used in conjunction with the anti-static floor pedestal, which can reinforce the bottom pedestal so that the bottom pedestal is stable and does not...
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  • Steel Raised Flooring Stringer

    steel raised flooring stringer steel raised flooring stringer is an important part of the floor. A floor is assembled from four pedestals and four stringers to a sub-system. The role of the...
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  • Raised Flooring Lifter

    The raised flooring lifter used for anti-static floors are divided into single cup cups and double cup cups. Since the anti-static floor is difficult to remove after being laid
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  • Raised Flooring Gromet

    The raised flooring gromet of the network floor is designed to facilitate the smooth passage of the line from the bottom. This raised flooring gromet not only beautifies the inconvenience of...
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  • Raised Flooring Outlet Box

    There are many types of raised flooring outlet boxes for anti-static floors. Conventional factory-style wire boxes can be used to place sockets or circuit wires. The outlet box can be divided into...
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